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The 1st ICOCEE – Cappadocia Conference

750 participants attended in the 1st ICOCEE-Cappadocia in the year of 2015. Please, click to download some of ICOCEE Presentation Pictures and Gala Dinner PicturesDue to extreme file size, we could not load all pictures. Please, click to download the Abstract Book of the 1st ICOCEE – Cappadocia.

The 2nd ICOCEE – Cappadocia Conference

800 participants attended in the 2nd ICOCEE-Cappadocia in the year of 2017. Please, click to download some of 2nd ICOCEE PicturesDue to extreme file size, we could not load all conference files and conference E-book. Please, click to download the Conference Programme of the 2nd ICOCEE – Cappadocia.

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